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The "L" Magazine is in a flipbook format which allows you to peruse it right on the web!  This interface allows you to navigate the "L" Magazine by clicking the next page or previous page arrows at the bottom of the screen or by using the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. 

You may also download a copy of the "L" Magazine in Adobe PDF format by clicking the Download the document icon on the navigation bar.  The file is quite large, so it may take awhile to download.  You will need the Adobe Reader if you choose to download the file.  You may obtain the free Adobe Reader program by clicking the button below.

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The "L" Magazine advertises our seasonal programs and classes in the Livonia Parks and Recreation Department/Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center.  Classes range from swim lessons, sports and leisure, health and fitness, rock climbing and much more.  The Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center offers classes for Members, Livonia Residents and Non-Residents of all ages!

Class Fee Codes:
M = Discounted class fees for LCRC Members
R   = Preferred fee for Livonia Residents
NR = Non-Resident fee  

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