Outdoor Pools

(248) 476-9700 19444 Lathers, Livonia, MI 48152

Clements Circle
(734) 421-9800, 9999 Harrison, Livonia, MI 48150


(734) 524-0649, 33123 Van Court Avenue, Livonia, MI  48150 

Outdoor Pools - Open Swim Hours
Saturday & Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.
Monday-Friday (June - August) 1:00 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.

Botsford Pool
Botsford Pool
Botsford Pool
Shelden Pool
Clement Circle Pool
Clement Circle Pool

Daily Fees
Resident Non-Resident
Adult $4.00 $7.50
Child (Age 3-17) $3.00 $5.25
Senior 62 & Up $3.00 $5.25


Outdoor Swim Lessons 
The City of Livonia is striving to have the best swim lesson program in the area. We have combined the best aspects of other Learn to Swim Programs into our own custom program. 

Class times are 50 minutes for ages 3 and over.  A color group system is used based on a few benchmark skills.  
Please register by the appropriate color group.  On the first day of class we will then place participants with instructors according to more specific abilities. 
We have developed our program to emphasize parent involvement, safety, and small instructor to child ratios.

Registration Information
Please note the starting dates to begin registering at the Livonia Parks & Recreation Office for summer swim lesson registration * 15100 Hubbard (Five Mile/Hubbard) * 

Outdoor Summer Class Descriptions

Water Basics Ages 3-5 No prerequisites.  This is a water orientation class without a parent present. Goals include comfort in the water, going under water, basic swimming propulsion and safety reminders. Lessons are designed to make learning fun.

Yellow Group   Ages 3 and up
Prerequisite: Must be able to put whole head under water. Goals include floating on front and back, basic swimming propulsion with flotation aides and safety reminders.

Red Group Ages 3 and up Prerequisite: Must be able to put whole head underwater.  Goals include comfort in the water, body position and basic swimming propulsion and safety reminders.  Lessons are designed to make learning fun.

White Group

Prerequisites:  Propel self one width (15 feet) in the pool on both the front and the back.  The main goal of this class will be mastering breathing for front crawl.  This class will also cover introductions to the breaststroke, sidestroke and possible the elementary backstroke and the butterfly.   

Blue Group

Prerequisites:  1 length (25 yards) of the pool front crawl, with proper breathing and 1 length (25 yards) of the pool back crawl.  The main goal of this class will be mastering the breaststroke and the butterfly.  As well as improving efficiency of the front and back crawl.

Star Group
Prerequisites: 2 length (50 yards) of the pool front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly with one minute of rest permitted between strokes.  This is a technique and drill based class.  Taught in the Lap Pool.

ATTENTION PARENTS: To improve the accuracy and placement of your child's swim lesson class level, fax-in, and mail-in will not be accepted. 

Outdoor Pools - Season Swim Passes
Rates vary according to family size. Proof of residency must be shown to obtain season swim passes. Before a swim pass can be issued, photos must be taken at the Recreation Office of each individual/family member.

Members can use any of the three outdoor pools for only $15.00 per person on the membership.  (Annual Memberships only)

Resident Rates $60.00 per individual and $25.00 each additional person living at the same address. 
Non-Resident Rates $120.00 per individual and $35.00 each additional person living at the same address.

Rental Rates
All pools will open for scheduled groups, please call for day and time availability.  All pools are also available for private rentals after normal operating hours.  For more information call (734) 466-2410.

No. of
per hour
per hour
0-25      $  75.00  $125.00
26-40  $100.00  $150.00
41-55  $125.00  $175.00

Each additional 15 people add $25.00 per hour


General Pool Rules
  • Eating or drinking in restricted areas only. 
  • No shoes or street clothing on deck.
  • All deck furniture must be placed along fence at all times.
  • Infants must wear a cloth diaper, or swim diaper with rubber pants, and a swim suit. 
  • No one swims alone.

The following items are prohibited:
Glass bottles/jars,  inflatable toys or inflatable flotation devices, running/horseplay, hypoxic training – underwater games, holding of breath, and diving in shallow water.