Annual Report

Information Systems Department

The Information Systems Department is responsible for the computer hardware and software used by the City.  The IS Department assists other City Departments in evaluating, selecting and implementing computer systems.  It also sets the standards for City computer systems.  The Information Systems Director is appointed by the Mayor and reports directly to the Finance Director.  The staff of the Information Systems Department consists of five (5) employees.  The staff is made up by the Director, 1 System Analyst II, 2 Computer Administrator II, and one part-time Computer Administrator I.  The Information Systems Department has four primary areas of responsibility.  These are Computer and Network Support, Application Software Support, and End User Support, Website and Internet, and Geographic Information Systems.


The IS Department maintains the following hardware:


FY 2014

FY 2015

FY 2016

Windows 2003/2008/2012 Servers




Physical Servers




Virtual Servers




Personal Computers




Tablets & Smartphones





We also support 47 network switches (32 logical switches), 6 firewalls and 3 network routers.


We completed installing Fiber from City Hall to Nehasil Park, LCRC and DPW.  We are now able to connect those facilities back to City Hall on a 20 GB connection.  This increase in capacity has significantly increased our Wi-Fi capabilities for the public to use at the LCRC.  Most days of the week we have over 300 patrons at the LCRC using our public Wi-Fi.


We increased our Internet capacity this year.  We previously had a 40 MB fiber connection with Bright House Networks.  This year we have been able to increase that to a 100 MB fiber connection with Bright House and we added an additional 100 MB fiber connection with WOW.  By adding the second carrier we improved our capacity and improved our ability to continue operations in case of a failure.


We installed 2 additional firewalls this year at golf courses for their irrigation system automation management.


We implemented a new surveillance camera system across the City campus this year with approximately 50 cameras. We also ported 50 cameras at the LCRC to this new system.  Key staff have been trained on how to access the cameras for live viewing or to review recorded images.  All of these cameras are available to the Police Department at any time.


We upgraded 99% of the City owned computers to Windows 10 to take advantage of the limited Microsoft free upgrade offer.


The IS Department provided support on work order requests:



FYI 2014

FYI 2015

FYI 2016













We implemented the LaserFiche Document Management Web Portal.  This provides access to the public to many city documents, like minutes of the City Council back to 1950.  In our public portal we have 12,406 documents available.


We continued using the GovDelivery communication system this year.  This is a hosted solution that allows us to quickly send electronic communications (text messages and e-mail) to people who subscribe.  We currently have 24,065 subscribers and 75,056 total subscriptions.  We have delivered 1,073,589 bulletins this year.


We worked with Civil Service to implement the NeoGov Online Application System.  This system has reduced the amount of time it takes to hire new employees and made the process a web based solution versus our paper based solution.  As part of it, we acquired and installed 2 additional Chrome boxes in the Civil Service Department for the public to use to apply if they do not have a computer.


We worked with the following groups on electronic packets and iPads: (Civil Service Commission, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and the trustees for Livonia Employees Retirement System).  Each of these groups received training and now use SharePoint team sites to access their electronic packets.





The Information Systems Department also manages the City Website (http://www.ci.livonia.mi.us), which continues to find new uses and grow in usage.

We updated the City website (www.ci.livonia.mi.us) with the following items:

·       This year we did a major revision of our website design.  The new design is easier to navigate and is now a “responsive design”, this means that it reformats itself to better fit and function on mobile and tablet devices.  With the new navigation model, people are able to better navigate the site and more quickly find their information.

·       At the conclusion of the website redesign efforts, we brought a trainer in to provide two days of training classes on successfully working with DNN and the new design.


Other web activities:

·       We implemented Office 365 for government in the Microsoft Cloud.  This moved our e-mail off-premise, provides OneDrive, Skype for Business and updated Microsoft Office.

·       We migrated our Intranet SharePoint site, InsideLivonia, to the Microsoft cloud.  This eliminated one server and the maintenance, updates of the database.  It also made the information available outside of the city network while keeping it secured.

·       Our City Facebook page grew from 2,735 likes to 4,511 likes.  Our City Twitter account has 1.7 thousand followers.

·       We developed a new self-guided tour application for smart phones at Greenmead Historic Park.  This app uses geo-locating to identify the different buildings at Greenmead, provides a picture of the building, a text description and history and a audio playback ability.  It was accomplished you’re a product called Oncell.  We have heard very positive feedback on this solution and plan to expand it next year.


Website statistics include:


FY 2014

FY 2015

FY 2016

Number of Page Views





Computer vs Mobile Usage of website

FY 2014

FY 2015

FYI 2016

Desktop Computer Access




Mobile Access




Smartphone Access




Tablet Access





The Department also provides e-mail and Internet access to City Employees. 


FY 2014

FY 2015

FY 2016

Number of E-mail accounts






The Information Systems Department also manages, operates and maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) to help manage its maps, apps and spatially referenced data.

2016 GIS Accomplishments

Online Map Services – We updated all online maps with the new 2015 imagery from SEMCOG. We implemented Local Government Information Model (LGIM) this year and rebuild all our online maps based on LGIM requirements.  We have updated the maps and apps for Park Finder, General City Map, Transit System Pickup Locations, Trash Pickup Day, Zoning Map and Voter Polling Place Map.  All of these maps are compatible with mobile devices (smartphone and tablets).  We also create the Leaf Pickup 2016 Map application to inform and help the residents during the leaf pickup program.  The map allowed DPW to mark quarter section segments as not completed, pending cycle 1, completed cycle 1, pending cycle 2 and completed cycle 2.  The previous map was viewed 2,869 times during the leaf pickup season 2015. For the winter season, a new app is ready for use by our residents and DPW. The Snow Emergency App will allow DPW to mark quarter section segments as Not Completed/No Parking in Roadway or Completed/Parking Restrictions Lifted. Also we have created a completely new app for internal use, Public Notification, which is a configuration of ArcGIS and a JavaScript application that allows our employees to identify a collection of properties and create mailing labels, or a structured text file, of owners and occupants. Public Notification Viewer is utilized for nearly all of our mailing label activities in both the Inspection Department and Planning.

Database Maintenance - We have continued our weekly maintenance schedule with the GIS during 2016.  Our GIS database is under SDE configuration control.  Editing of our various data layers is done by GIS users within the City.  The established procedure calls for all editing to be done to a "personal" version of the GIS database.  These edits are then pushed up to a DRAFT version of the database where they are inspected and verified.  Once the DRAFT version has been verified edits are then pushed up to the DEFAULT version of the database for general use.  This procedure has worked very well and insures that the GIS is continuously updated in a systematic fashion.

Mapping Support - During 2016 the GIS has continued to supported mapping activities for numerous City departments, including the Assessing department (generated 144 tax assessing maps plus various other maps), measured the parcel "frontage" for all commercial parcels in the City, generated numerous maps for the Housing Department depicting City-owned homes along with Silver Village, Mac Towers, and Newburgh Village, Parks and Recreation, Police, and a New map for Fire Department. In addition, we continually maintain our set of quarter section tax maps (144), address maps (144), zoning maps (144), land use maps (144) and various City maps (city street maps, subdivisions, voter precincts, etc.).

User Support – In the spring of 2016 we upgraded our GIS system to the most recent version - ArcGIS 10.4 (Basic, Standard and Advance) licenses.

In summer of 2016 all our GIS users has been upgraded to ArcGIS 10.4.1 (Basic, Standard and Advance) licenses. Also ArcGIS Server, Enterprise License Manager and enterprise Geodatabase have been upgraded to 10.4.1 version.

In the same period, DPW implemented their new asset management solution, Cityworks. Cityworks provides comprehensive public asset and work management solutions for infrastructure as well as land-based, location-focused activities. Cityworks and Esri ArcGIS combine to make the perfect platform for designing and creating GIS-centric public asset management solutions.

This fall we have started a GIS User Group for the City of Livonia.  The GO Livonia (GIS Online Livonia) purpose is to share, highlight and support GIS initiatives with all City departments and also provide assistance in building applications of geospatial technology.